The School

New School Center for Media has one single goal: giving students the training they’ll need to be operational from the start of their career.

Our only focus: teaching the communication technologies that are the growth drivers in a digital economy.

New School Center for Media has developed its project-based teaching method over four decades so that its graduates can be job-ready from Day One. The school also benefits from its alliance with a European leader in private education, IONIS Education Group, with 30,000 students enrolled in 20 schools focused on technology, business and creation.

New School Center for Media has developed a distance learning method with classes limited to 20 students to allow for continuous interaction between teachers and students – an important driver for work-type projects.

600 Hour Programs


Achieve a professional level in Web Design and Development, Video Editing, Audio Editing or Python and Java for Web and Mobile Apps

Who is it for?

For those who look for a full-time job or prefer to offer their services to a range of clients


The courses are half-day, 5 days a week over six months. The courses are all online


Optional: we can prepare you to take ADOBE and AVID certification exams