IONIS Education Group

New School Center for Media is the latest institution to implement the tested education model of IONIS Education Group, a European leader in higher education.
Since the creation of its first school in 1980, the group had pioneered a teaching method that allies fundamentals and practical experience. “School is not just about accumulating knowledge” is the credo of Marc Sellam, founder and president of the group which today includes 21 schools on multiple campuses in 15 French cities, as well as Barcelona, Spain; Berlin, Germany; Brussels, Belgium; Geneva, Switzerland and the overseas territory of La Reunion.
New School Center for Media , a professional school, shares this hands-on, project-based approach. While the concept has long been in place, the method has evolved with every innovation in computing and digital communication.
Developing ties with industry representatives in software development, web design, video editing, visual effects and digital marketing is another principle the school shares with IONIS to get the inside track about what evolution managers anticipate and how to help graduates integrate the workforce.