Bachelor and Master’s Science Programs Abroad with Tuition Fees you can Afford

IONIS Education Group, a Paris-based leader in private higher education, offers Bachelor and Master’s programs in four major scientific sectors: Aerospace, Biotechnology, Computer Science, and Cybersecurity.

Founded 43 years ago, IONIS, with 35,000 students and 100,000 alumni, has one vision and one mission: make high-level scientific education affordable. Tuition fees for the Bachelor and the Master’s programs are $15,000 a year.

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The programs are fully taught in English at four highly accredited schools in France:

IPSA for Aeronautics and Aerospace

SUP/BIOTECH for biotechnology

EPITA for Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence

ESME for Cybersecurity and Data Science

The schools are accredited by CTI (Commission des Titres d’Ingenieur) which has a Memorandum of Understanding with ABET in the United States about sharing best practices. Students may transfer various credits to U.S. institutions. Some credits may lead to a double Master’s degree with a U.S. university.

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Admission requirements for undergraduate programs: SAT, grades, transcripts, letter detailing reason for interest and interviews.

Admission requirements for Master’s programs: bachelor degree, SAT, grades, transcripts, letter detailing reason for interest and interviews.

Bachelor and Master’s Science Degrees you can afford in leading French schools with English-only programs

Aeronautics/Aerospace, Biotechnology, Computer Science/AI and Cybersecurity/Data


Aeronautics/Aerospace Master’s Programs
IPSA, a fully CTI-accredited college in France, offers English-language, MS programs in Aeronautics and Aerospace with affordable tuition fees. With 60 years of experience in teaching these disciplines and and as an institution that upholds the highest standards, IPSA is also ISO- (International Organization for Standardization) certified. Its programs also hold the EUR-ACE label for high quality in engineering degrees.

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Computer Science/AI Bachelors and Master’s
EPITA, a fully CTI-accredited college in France, offers English-language bachelor and MS programs in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence with affordable tuition fees. For nearly 40 years, EPITA has been a leading school in every major ​ chapter of the fast-evolving field of Computer Science. Its expertise in teaching Artificial Intelligence keeps EPITA at the forefront of innovation.

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Biotechnology Bachelors and Master’s
SUP’BIOTECH, a fully CTI-accredited college in France, offers English-language, Bachelor and MS programs in Biotechnology with affordable tuition fees. The school provides all the scientific bases for the various careers in biotechnology, from research to develop new drugs to technologies to make the planet safer.

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Cybersecurity/Data Bachelors and Master's
ESME, a fully CTI-accredited college founded in 1905 in France, offers English- language Bachelor and Master’s programs in Cybersecurity and Data with affordable tuition fees. Students acquire advanced knowledge of design, development and maintenance of secure systems as well as data engineering, at the heart of the Internet of Things.

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