The world today is fully digital: get the skills you need in
Take the 100-hour courses if you need to add a specific skill to your professional experience
Join the 600-hour programs for a comprehensive training in coding or multimedia. We help prepare for exams toward ADOBE, AVID and GOOGLE certification
Safety first: in March 2020, we switched to distance learning for all courses and programs. You are not alone behind your screen as a teacher is present via real-time video through the entire class

The Digital World Is Here: Be Part Of It
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The Jobs Are Online: Distance Learning Prepares You For The Virtual World

Just a few years ago, companies thought their employees all needed to be under one roof. Today, the world has learned to work differently, with employers seeking specific skills no matter where they are, resulting in a broader and more diversified job market.

Studying online with the same 600-hour project-based programs as in a classroom will prepare you for this new work environment.

What is the difference between online learning and distance teaching? You are not alone! Teachers are present during every single hour of the theory or skills sessions on a video platform as well as by chat, email or on the phone. You’ll have access to the same resources, software and tools as in a physical classroom with enhanced safety and no commuting time.


For a career as website designer, video editor/producer, apps developer or studio audio/music editor

Get Certification

The courses prepare you to take the certification exams for ADOBE, AVID and GOOGLE

Financial Aid available if you qualify
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Adobe Certificates



Premiere Pro

Student Testimonials

Pro Tools is an everyday thing for me at work so the certification that I got from the New School Center for Media is one of the main factors that helps me, in my day to day work, be successful at my job. The small classes allowed
Matthew Plummer

In getting my Pro Tools certification at the New School Center for Media, I was surprised at how in depth the program was and I learned way more than I thought I would. I love the small class size. It made it a real personal

Cameron Proctor

The New School Center for Media changed my life. I couldn’t be happier about it. Thanks again for all the work you do for us and for helping me get where I needed to go in my career.

Bryan Batcher